Four Seasons Dry Cleaners
Getting Started
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Here's how to get started:
1. Fill out the New Customer Form online,
If you prefer, call us at 212-786-4543 or ,
If you leave our brochre, fill out the registration form and give it to the doorman.
2. Next, we'll deliver a free Four Seasons Dry Cleaners garment bag, which includes:
A personalized Id badge. The badge will include a barcode which allows us to keep track of your information
- no forms to fill out again!
3. Once you have a Four Seasons Dry Cleaners garment bag,
you can leave your order with your building's doorman or call to arrange for a picl-up.
Your cleaned clothes will be delivered the following delivery day.
Same-Day Service and Express (1-Day) Service are also available.
4. At any time, you may check the statue of your order
by calling us directly at 212-786-4543
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